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These are programs have elapsed from on-air broadcast, but are a record of the programs that have been shown, and may be broadcasted and, or streamed online in the future. These programs may be special one-off productions, a series that may have a longer run, or a local program that may have a temporary run on PBS Hawaii as a result of permissions obtained, or collaboration. PIC is another organization PBS Hawaii will occasionally partner with. This ‘Don’t Miss’ tag must be removed the second day after the program was initially tagged, since we rotate all programs through a queue.

Matt Louis



Chef Ming is joined by Chef Matt Louis, known for his Spanish-style tapas using seasonal New England ingredients. Matt cooks up goat meatballs with garlic mustard pesto, local farm feta and sunchoke chips, while Ming whips up surf-n-turf meatballs with his favorite Blue Dragon vinegar fries.


Seven Songs for a Long Life


Visit Strathcarron, a Scottish hospice center where patients face pain, uncertainty and the possibility of life’s end with song and humor. Hear tunes belted out by patients and caregivers alike between reflections on life, love and mortality.


Five Years, Five Stories


When the massive earthquake and tsunami struck Japan’s Tohoku region six years ago, life as people knew it was instantly gone. Among the survivors were children, who experienced the disaster and its aftermath at an impressionable time in their lives. The documentary shares five stories of those children, looking at how they have struggled with the past, and follows them as they search for a way to move forward.