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Who owns PBS Hawaii?

PBS Hawaii, a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member station, is a community-supported public television station licensed to the Hawaii Public Television Foundation. A 20 – 25 member volunteer Board of Directors made up of Hawaii citizens directs the policies carried out by PBS Hawaii’s staff and volunteers.

Where does PBS Hawaii get its operating funds?

PBS Hawaii relies in large part upon contributions from individual viewers and support by local businesses and charitable foundations. We also qualify for grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and receive 1% of proceeds from the cable franchise fee.

What is the biggest financial challenge facing PBS Hawaii?

PBS Hawaii faces the constant challenge of upgrading aging equipment and facilities. Additionally, costs to acquire and broadcast our quality programming have risen substantially over the past few years. Unlike commercial stations, one of the largest sources of our revenue comes from our individual viewer-members, who help ensure that we can afford the $1.6 million it costs to purchase and air new shows each year.

Why is PBS Hawaii worthy of support?

As a non-profit organization, PBS Hawaii is truly Hawaii’s community station. First, no other station offers you the breadth and depth of programming that PBS Hawaii does. Second, no other station offers you the quality of programming that PBS Hawaii does, and lastly, no other station showcases the arts and talents of all people or highlights the concern of communities here in Hawaii, across the country, and around the world. PBS Hawaii doesn’t create programs to make money, we raise money to create meaningful programs for you and all the people of Hawaii. PBS Hawaii is the only locally owned TV broadcaster in the State of Hawaii.

Why did you replace my favorite program?

We receive our programs from a wide range of sources, including satellite delivery and local production in our own facility. On rare occasions these services may fail to deliver a needed program in time for its broadcast or the program received is not broadcast quality. Consequently, it may necessitate changes to our schedule. Whenever possible we do make every effort to alert viewers and inform them if and when the show will be rescheduled through our program guide or our website.

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